ESS2024, the solidarity platform

Paris2024: the first inclusive and sustainable games

Initiated jointly by Les Canaux and the Yunus Center, in collaboration with Paris 2024, La Solidéo and ESS2024, the solidarity platform is a tool to inform, mobilize and accompany social businesses in delivering the first inclusive and sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games.


  • Showcase for environmental and social innovations
  • Accellerator for social businesses
  • Catalyst for innovative solutions and collaborative on the whole territory

A practical tool providing designed services for ESS actors and committed entrepreneurs :

  • Strategic watch & information : Monitor and share information about Paris 2024 markets and opportunities for social businesses.
  • Innovation sourcing : Identify and promote social businesses with sustainable and social innovative services for Paris 2024.
  • Support services : Provide tools and support to social businesses to help them meet the bid requirements of Paris 2024.
  • Observation and assessment : Track and measure the social and environmental impact of Paris 2024.
  • Worldwide impact : Get inspired by best foreign practices and make Paris 2024 a worldwide reference in terms of the delivery of inclusive and sustainable major sport events.

ESS 2024, the solidarity platform federates all the organisers of the Games: institutional partners (Ministry of Labor, Sports, Cohesion of the territories, the Interministerial Delegation to the Olympic and Paralympic Games), territorial partner (Mairie de Paris, Région Île-de-France, Conseil départemental de la Seine Saint Denis, Métropole du Grand Paris, Plaine Commune, Est Ensemble, Grand Paris Grand Est, Paris Terre d’Envol) but also ESS and integration networks and social partners.

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